Advanced Fight Performer with the APC, BADC and BASSC.
Currently working in stage, TV, film and motion capture.


Fight Performing Includes

Fight Team (broadsword/knife/unarmed) Viking Siege Tornado Films
Anna (knife/unarmed) The Relocators Fight Rep
Phyllis (bartitsu/parasol) Suffragette  Showdown Fight Rep
Frances (rapier) Beer Battered Fight Rep
Rioter (unarmed) Babylon BBC
SPACT (unarmed) The Interceptor BBC
Pyrhot (rapier) Bussy D’Ambois The Owle Schreame Theatre Company
Kirsty (unarmed) Jenny’s Fate Nowhere Fast
Fight Performer (gun/unarmed) Chronicles of Syntax iDare Productions


Fight Arranging

Oliver! Pirate Productions
Today’s Detectives Timetunnel Media
Macbeth The Oxbridge Academic Programs
Cabaret Geneva Amateur Operatic Society
The Comedy of Errors The Oxbridge Academic Programs
Much Ado About Nothing The Oxbridge Academic Programs
Bussy D’Ambois The Owle Schreame Theatre Company
A Life in the Theatre Hiraeth Artistic Productions
Titus Andronicus Hiraeth Artistic Productions




Weapon Skills

Axe, Broadsword, Case of Rapiers, Eskrima, Flail, Gladius, Gun, Indian Knife & Rope, Knife, Musket, Sabre, Sword and Shield, Quarterstaff, Rapier & Dagger, Sabre, Single Sword, Small Sword, Spear, Sword & Shield and Unarmed


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